EPF message from Jet Pack Guy - April 24th 2014!

Hello penguins,
While I was wandering about in Club Penguins peaceful forest my Elite Penguin Force spy phone started ringing which meant a new EPF message had been sent to all agents. This weeks message is from Jet Pack Guy who talks about puffle tricks! Check out the message:

"Agents, puffle tricks are a great way to train your pet. An elite agent needs an elite sidekick."

I love the new puffle tricks, I hope we will be able to use them in Elite Penguin Force missions in the future because that would be awesome!

What do you think about the message?

Waddle on!
Thursday, 24 April 2014
Posted by Green N Cool

The Puffle Gala is now open!

Hey everyone,
It's Thursday 24th of April which means the stage is now open for the Puffle Party 2014 puffle gala! At the Puffle gala we can all perform on the stage using the new puffle tricks feature. The sign on the stage now says "On Now":

You can now click the "Go There" button on the puffle tracker:

Waddle inside with your puffle and you can perform tricks on the stage:

The emotes shown on the screen give you routine that you could follow when performing:

What do you think about the Puffle Gala? Like I said in my puffle Party 2014 walkthrough post, the room reminds me a lot of the stage at the Hollywood party 2014, it's probably because of the neon palm trees and the tables. The Puffle Gala doesn't seem like a lot even though we've been waiting for it to open since the Puffle Party 2014 began, it would have been nice if we were given a gift at the end of the tricks routine. 

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Times Issue #444 -Super Puffle Show!

Hey penguins,
It's Thursday again which means the 443rd issue of Club Penguins newspaper "the Club Penguin Times" has now been released. This weeks issue mainly focusses on the ongoing Puffle Party 2014! Here's the issue:

The main article is titled, "Super Puffle Show" and is written by PH :

The most amazing feats ever performed!
By PH — Alright mates. You’ve been doin’ great with your tricks. I see loads of puffles performing all over the island. But now the big show has arrived!Go to the Stage to see what’s up!

The Support article is titled, "Bear Alert" and is written by Rookie:

By Rookie — Heya everyone! Have you checked out the Nature Reserve in the Forest? You can see all sorts of animals there. Just look out for bears! They come for the honey and picnic baskets, I think. So I’m packing my sandwiches in this EPF security safe. CLEVER. If you wanna stay safe, here are some tips to keep bears away:
Wear bells and danceDon’t dress as foodSing pop songs in ALL CAPS!
Have fun! And try not to look too tasty when you’re hiking or having a picnic!

And lastly, there's this weeks upcoming and ongoing events list:

May 1: Hat contest at the Beach! Bring your biggest, scariest, or fishiest hat!
May 15: New furniture for the ultra-modern igloo!
May 8: Clothing that is out of this world!

What do you think about this weeks issue of the Club Penguin Times?

Waddle on!
Posted by Green N Cool

May 2014 Future Party Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone,
If you didn't know already from the membership page or from Polo Field at one of his meetups, the Club Penguin party for may will be a future party. Recently Megg has posted a sneak peek of this new party onto the club penguin blog. Check it out:

You guys had some great guesses about what we've got coming in May.
I'm stoked to finally tell you that it's going to be the Future party!!!
Here's two sketches of what we're working on.

What do you think future Club Penguin will look like? Leave us a comment below.
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

Whoa! It looks like it'll be quite robotic at next months party. I wonder if we'll be going to space? Is the sneak peek images of a party game? What do you think about the sneak peek?

Waddle on!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Posted by Green N Cool

Party With Chattabox - Everyday I’m “Puffle-in”!

Hi penguins,
Every week Chattabox who is Club Penguins Australian blogger hosts one of her own parties for us penguins to come to. Recently she yet again decided to post about another one of her parties that she's going to host this week! Here's her post:

G’Day Penguins,
Hope you all had a ‘egg’cellent Easter and are full up from all that chocolate. I know I am! Check out the picture from our Easter Party last week. Guess what this Friday is… It’s World Penguin Day – hurray! So a big shout out to all my flippered friends on our special day; GO PENGUINS!

This week I’ve been looking after my new puffles. I have a new Cat Puffle called Claire and a new Dog Puffle called Hollie – how cute! We’ve been hanging out in the new Puffle park and checking out the water slides at The Cove. So this week, lets have a party to celebrate how totally awesome the new puffles are and how much fun the Puffle Party has been. Dress up in your favorite ‘Puffle-inspired’ outfit and bring along your new furry friends; lets go PUFFLE CRAZY!
Lets meet at The Forest on the Down Under server at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 24th April, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don’t forget, this is now 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 23rd April for everyone over in the US and Canada, and 7am on Thursday 24th April for my pals in the UK.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Thanks for the invitation, Chattabox!

Will you be going to her party?

Waddle on!
Posted by Green N Cool

Club Penguin Updates Tonight - April 23rd 2014!

Hello penguins,
Every Wednesday night Club Penguin gets updated and because today is Wednesday, Club Penguin will getting updated tonight! This is their forth update of April 2014 and seventeenth update of 2014. This week doesn't contain a lot of major updates. Here's a list of the expected updates:

  • Club Penguin Times Issue #444
  • The Puffle Gala (Stage) opens!
  • A New EPF message will be sent to all agents

Before these updates I recommend that you do the following things:
    • Nothing  

    What do you think about all these updates? I can't wait until the stage opens so we can perform puffle tricks to the audience!

    Waddle on!
    Posted by Green N Cool

    Earth Day Extravaganza - Club Penguin Party!

    Hey penguins,
    The Club Penguin team will be hosting a party on Club Penguin to celebrate Earth Day 2014, the party will be hosted on the server Grizzly at 11am Penguin Standard Time. Here's Polo Fields post about it:

    We're having a party online to celebrate Earth Day!
    First you'll want to grab your free Bear Costume (The Code is BEARCUBS)! You're going to need it and it's all for a good cause -- so why not :D

    The party starts at 11:00am Penguin Standard Time on the server Grizzly. (Check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts if you aren't sure what time this is)

    Be there or be a bear... or be both -- that's cool too!

    See you there,

    -Club Penguin Team

    Will you be going to the party?

    Waddle on!
    Tuesday, 22 April 2014
    Posted by Green N Cool
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    Disney Channel's Game On - Puffle Party 2014!

    Hello everyone,
    Usually before or during one of Club Penguins parties Disney will release a Disney Game On episode about it that gets aired on television. Polo Field has posted about the Puffle Party Game On episode on to the Club Penguin blog. Here's his post:

    Mischievous dog or curious cat puffle—which one matches you? Disney Channel’s Hallie heads to a pet park to talk to some experts about Club Penguin’s new dog and cat puffles.

    What's your favorite part the Puffle Party so far?
    Waddle on,
    -Club Penguin Team

    What do you think about the video? I think it should have been posted earlier because it's nearly ben a week since the Puffle Party 2014 started.

    Waddle on!
    Posted by Green N Cool

    PH meet-up times April 2014!

    Hey everyone,
    The Puffle Party 2014 and PH will be waddling around the island, if you haven't already met her you can get a stamp by meeting her, but unfortunately she doesn't have a new give-away background. In this post is all the meetup times for Puffle Handler on English servers. Here's the meetup times:

    Friday, April 18

     * 12:30pm on the server White Out
     * 4:00pm on the server Sherbet

    Saturday, April 19

     * 1:00pm on the server Mammoth
     * 2:00pm on the server Mittens
     * 5:00pm on the server Crystal

    Sunday, April 20

     * 9:00am on the server Fog
     * 2:00pm on the server Cloudy
     * 6:00pm on the server Wool Socks
     * 7:00pm on the server Rainbow

    Monday, April 21

     * 8:30am on the server Fog
     * 5:30pm on the server Frosty

    Tuesday, April 22

     * 8:30am on the server Fog

    Wednesday, April 23

     * 8:30am on the server Fog
    Thursday, April 24

     * 1:00pm on the server Chinook

    Friday, April 25

     * 1:00pm on the server Chinook
     * 4:30pm on the server Fog
     * 6:30pm on the server Iceland

    Saturday, April 26

     * 1:00pm on the server Chinook
     * 2:00pm on the server Mittens
     * 3:00pm on the server Cloudy
     * 5:30pm on the server Jack Frost

    Sunday, April 27

     * 1:00pm on the server Sherbet
     * 5:00pm on the server White Out
     * 6:30pm on the server Chinook

    Monday, April 28

     * 8:30am on the server Fog
     * 1:00pm on the server Chinook
     * 5:30pm on the server Iceland

    Tuesday, April 29

     * 8:30am on the server Fog
     * 1:00pm on the server Chinook

    Wednesday, April 30

     * 1:00pm on the server Chinook

    All the English server meetup times are in Penguin Standard Time, you can look at the Snow Forts clock tower or at the clock on this websites sidebar.

    Will you be going online to meet PH?

    Waddle on!
    Friday, 18 April 2014
    Posted by Green N Cool

    EPF message from PH - April 17th 2014!

    Hey everyone,
    Every week a new Elite Penguin Force message gets sent to all EPF agents, and because today is Thursday it means a new message has been sent! This weeks message is from PH who talks about how well we have done protecting the puffles. Here's her message

    "You guys are ACE! This puffle celebration is gonna be a hit! There's no sign of Herbert anywhere. Thanks for protecting these little critters!"

    It's great to hear that we are doing a good job looking after all the puffles, hopefully Herbert won't return any time soon.

    What do you think about the message?

    Waddle on!
    Thursday, 17 April 2014
    Posted by Green N Cool

    Club Penguin App: iPhone, iPod touch, and Puffles!

    Hey penguins,
    The Club Penguin app can now be downloaded on iPod touch and Iphone, because of this Polo Field has decided to make a post onto the Club Penguin blog. Here's what he had to say:

    This is a HUGE day in CP history, everyone! The Club Penguin app is out NOW for iPod touch and iPhone devices! BOOM!

    Check out the screenshot I took on an iPod touch. Here I am with my black puffle:

    The iPad app has also been updated, so check it out!

    Waddle on... on the go! ;)

    -Club Penguin Team

    I think it's great that the app is now available on more devices! Hopefully the app will become available for android users later this year.

    What do you think about this?

    Waddle on!
    Posted by Green N Cool

    Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Full Walkthrough!

    Hello penguins,
    The 2014 Club Penguin puffle party has now begun, it is the sixth puffle party in Club Penguin history and this time there's a lot of differences to any of the previous ones. This years puffle party has new graphics and decorations in most rooms, a new permanent park and puffle tricks, lots of new prizes and a puffle gala! Here's the walkthrough for the Puffle Party 2014:

    When you login to Club Penguin you will notice the loading screen has been decorated for this years puffle party. The two new puffles including some other normal puffles hang around the Club Penguin logo:

    PH (Puffle Handler) will have two messages for you:

    "G'day! Welcome to the Puffle Party! This here's your progress tracker.C heck it for prizes every day!"
    "You can see the new cat and dog puffle and learn about puffle tricks at the pet shop. Ace!"

    The New Puffles:

    The new cat and dog puffles look amazing, members are able to adopt them by heading over to the pet shop. When you waddle in to the pet shop, PH will be there with another message:

    "You and your puffle can now do tricks! Congrats! They're a great way to bond with your puffles!"

    If you click the adoption area you can choose to adopt the new puffles for 800 coins each:

    Puffle Tricks:

    Every players is able to teach their puffles to nuzzle, speak, jump, stand on their head, roll  and dig. The puffle handbook has been updated with the Puffle Tricks page:

    The Rooms:
    The map has been updated to show what each room currently looks like:

    The new puffle park is full of everything, we can take our puffle to get a wash from the water hydrant, let it slide down the slide, swing on the tire, eat some puffle-o's and a lot more. The game "Puffle round up" has been moved to the bottom right of this room:

    The Plaza:

    The stage is currently closed until the 24th of April, this is because a week before the party ends, everyone will be able to enter the Puffle Gala which will be held here and perform their very own choreographed puffle tricks show! If you go to the stage it will bring up a message to say it is closed:

    Here's what the stage will look like at the Puffle Party - It reminds me of the Hollywood Party stage from last year:

    The forest has been decorated to mainly celebrate earth month as well as the Puffle Party 2014, the small steam now flows directly through the room with an awesome bridge going straight over it, there's a great picnic spot in the bottom left and a watch area:

    The snow forts is a cat puffle versus dog puffle battle area:

    The stadium is much like the old puffle show that came to the older puffle parties, it is now an amazing obstacle course for us and our furry friends:

    The town:

    The Coffee shop has been turned into a awesome bakery - It has an interactive area near the rolling pin as well as all the tables:

    The Clothes shop is an amazing puffle grooming room:

    The dock has been transformed into a Club Penguin wildlife park - In two of the enclosures we can click on the food bowl and our puffles will eat out of it:

    The beach  - waddle over to the Frisbee to throw it:

    The lighthouse has been turned into the puffle hospital:

    The cove is awesome, it's an amazing puffle water park - we are able to slide down the slides:

    The Party items and prizes:

    If you click on your Puffle progress tracker you can see that each day new items will be unlocked and to get those items you have to go to the place by clicking "Go There" and then clicking the sign post:

    The first two items are located at the stadium, they are the Puffle Trainer Outfit and Squeaky ball:

    If you waddle over to the beach you can get the free lavender bunny ears:


    At this years puffle party, everyone (Non members and members) is able to transform into the every type of puffle. However, to transform into a certain puffle you have to own it.


    The emotes have been updated for the Puffle Party:

    The Club Penguin interface has been updated:

    Unfortunately, at this years puffle party it looks like PH currently does not have a new give-away background.

    The new puffles can dig some brand new coloured hoodies! I managed to obtain three so far:

    The Puffles catalog has been updated with some brand new hats and puffle food:

    The 10 shrimp and 10 Biscuit Treats are new

    Overall I think the Puffle Party 2014 is awesome, I love all the rooms because most have them have been decorated differently from the previous puffle parties, especially the forest and the cove, and I really like the brand new puffle park and the adorable dog and cat puffles that we are now able to adopt. It looks like the Club Penguin team has put so much effort into making this party, that's why it is so awesome!

    What do you think about the Puffle Party 2014? One improvement I would have made would be to give PH a new give-away background.

    Waddle on!
    Wednesday, 16 April 2014
    Posted by Green N Cool

    Puffle Party 2014

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